Why can't I hear the timer when Timer+ is in the foreground?

When Timer+ is running in the foreground, it has it's own app volume level that is different from the system volume level. You can adjust Timer+'s app volume level by pressing your volume buttons when Timer+ is running.

  • If you recently restored your iPhone or iPad from backup, turn off your device and turn it back on There is an issue with iOS where apps restored from backup won't receive notifications until you have restarted the device once, even if all of the notification settings are on for that app.
  • If you're not hearing the timer alerts when Timer+ is in the foreground, your app volume level is probably too low. To fix this, simply turn the volume up while Timer+ is running. (The volume display should say "Volume" as you adjust the volume. If not, adjust the volume when you see the "[timer name] done" alert.)*
  • If the above didn't work, make sure you're not routing your sound to AirPlay speakers or to your bluetooth headset.) When Timer+ is running in the foreground, it'll send all sounds to the main sound route, which includes AirPlay and bluetooth.
  • Also, make sure you allow notifications from Timer+ in the Settings app. At the minimum, "Allow Notifications" needs to be set to on. The rest can be set to off if you prefer.

* Usually, the cause for this problem is that you once turned the app volume down and didn't turn it back up. The Timer+ app volume is remembered even if you quit the app and come back.