Removing ads on multiple devices or after you've switched devices

Once you purchase the Remove Ads in-app purchase in Timer+, ads will no longer show up in Timer+ for all of your devices tied to your Apple account (your iPad or iPhone, for example), and also when you switch devices (getting a new phone). You will be charged just once for the original purchase; all subsequent removals will be free.

To remove ads on a second device, or when you've switched devices, do the following.

  1. Make sure you're logged into the same Apple account that purchased the original Remove Ads in-app purchase.
  2. Open Timer+ and tap the settings button (shaped like a gear).
  3. Tap "Restore Previous Purchases" to restore your original Remove Ads purchase. This will connect to the App Store and restore your purchase, if you have bought it before. If you have not paid before, it will do nothing, and you can tap "Remove Ads" to purchase it.

For more information, check out Apple's article on In-App Purchases. (Timer+'s remove ads purchase is a Non-consumable type.)