When using repeat timers in Timer+, how do I just hear the alert sound without the notification popup?

Here's how you can turn off the in-app notification for repeat timers, and just hear the sound once instead.

  1. Go to your timer.
  2. Tap on the repeats button.
  3. Tap on the "In-app notification" settings button in the bottom of the screen, or scroll all the way down until you see that setting.
  4. Set "Show in-app notification" to off.

By default, Timer+ always shows you a popup alert when your timers are done. With the "Show in-app notification" setting, you can make an exception and suppress the popup alert, while playing the sound once, for all of your repeat intervals except the last one.

So, for example, if you had a timer repeat 4 times, it would alert you like this when Timer+ is running:

  • 1st interval: sound played once
  • 2nd interval: sound played once
  • 3rd interval: sound played once
  • 4th and final interval: timer done popup is shown, sound is played as configured in your timer's sound settings.

When Timer+ is not running, the iOS notification system will always show you an alert and play the sound based on your timer's sound settings.