What is Timer+'s url scheme?

Timer+ 2.4 and up can be launched via a URL scheme. iOS allows apps to register URL schemes that can be used by apps to launch other apps and pass basic data in the URL parameters. There are many automation and launcher apps, such as Alloy, Launch Center Pro, and Workflow, that use URL schemes to enable powerful workflows.

Here are the two actions that Timer+ supports via URL schemes.

1. Start a quick timer

Set and start a quick timer. Quick timers are timers that are deleted after they are completed.




  • hours (optional): number of hours. Only accepts whole numbers.
  • minutes (optional): number of minutes. Only accepts whole numbers.
  • seconds (optional): number of seconds. Only accepts whole numbers.
  • name (optional): name of the timer.


  • start a timer that is 1 hour, 23 minutes and 45 seconds long: timerplus://app/quick-timers/new?hours=1&minutes=23&seconds=45
  • start a timer that is 50 minutes long with the name Laundry: timerplus://app/quick-timers/new?minutes=50&name=Laundry

Additional notes

  • The duration of the timer can be set using any combination of the hours, minutes, and seconds query parameters.
  • The total duration is limited to 100 hours.
  • If no duration is set (hours, minutes, and seconds are omitted, or add up to 0), you will be presented with a new Quick Timer screen where you can enter a duration and start the timer.

2. Start quick stopwatch

Start a quick stopwatch. Quick stopwatches are stopwatches that are deleted after they are used.




  • name (optional): the name of the quick stopwatch.


  • Start a stopwatch with no name: timerplus://app/quick-stopwatches/new
  • Start a stopwatch with name Plank: timerplus://app/quick-stopwatches/new?name=Plank

X-Callback-URL Support

Timer+ partially supports the x-callback-url specification. It accepts the x-source and x-success parameters. If x-success parameter is set, Timer+ will attempt to open that URL after completing the action specified by the URL. For more information on x-callback-url, visit x-callback-url.com.

To enable x-callback-url support, start your URLs with "timerplus://x-callback-url/" instead of the standard "timerplus://app/".

Start a quick timer with x-callback-url support

timerplus://x-callback-url/quick-timers/new?hours=[hours]&minutes=[minutes]&seconds=[seconds]&name=[name]&x-source=[source]&x-success=[success url]

Start a quick stopwatch with x-callback-url support

timerplus://x-callback-url/quick-stopwatch/new?name=[name]&x-source=[source]&x-success=[success url]